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The most painful part of health care isn't the treatment...It's the Out-Of-Pocket Cost

A trip to the doctor or pharmacy should make you feel better, not worse. That's why Grand Valley Health Plan is committed to keeping your out-of-pocket costs low and our level of care high. At Grand Valley, routine check-ups, prescriptions, well-child visits and immunizations are considered standard procedure, available with little or no co-pays. Things like allergy testing, nutritional counseling and smoking cessation programs are also covered. Our philosophy is to promote wellness and prevent the catastrophic illnesses that drive up medical costs.

Important Information to Consider

Grand Valley Health Plan is always available to provide answers to your questions and assist you in choosing your Health Center team. With this in mind we have created a list of important factors that you need to consider. These include important factors to consider when choosing a personal doctor, specialist, or facility location when having a procedure performed.

  • How many years a Practitioner has been in practice, professional education, board certification status, number of times a Practitioner has performed a procedure, and additional languages a Practitioner may speak.
  • Information on service, member satisfaction, and quality measures.
  • The method used to determine a Practitioner's or facility's compensation for services provided.
  • The accreditation status of the plan, hospitals, and surgical center facilities.
  • How to access care during day and evening hours.

Grand Valley Health Plan is happy to provide information about any of the above by calling Customer Service at 616-949-2410.

Complete health care under one roof

A visit to the doctor can often mean an exam, lab work and prescriptions. While other plans make you drive all over town for each individual service, Grand Valley Health Plan can fulfill most of your health needs in one location. We have our own pharmacies, as well as behavioral health counselors and registered dietitians. We fill nearly 90% of all prescriptions in-house for a minimal co-pay. You can also go to one of our contracted pharmacies (including Meijer, Walgreens and D&W).

Health care made easy

With other health plans, you have to wade through extensive lists of independent doctors, many of whom are not accepting new patients or accept only a limited number of HMO patients. When you choose Grand Valley Health Plan, you simply select the Grand Valley Health Center you'd like your family to use. All of our Health Centers always accept new patients, because our acceptance rate is a full 100%. As a Staff Model HMO, we've eliminated many of the hassles of traditional plans and other HMOs. In other words, there are no claim forms, no excessive out-ofpocket costs, and no mix-ups between insurance company and physician. Just the most complete and comprehensive coverage available. For your convenience, we offer daytime and evening appointments, as well as urgent care on the weekends. We have health care professionals on call 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions by phone.

Feeling good never felt better

Our health care team of doctors, nurses, physician's assistants and therapists is top-notch. Reducing the cost of health care is important, but not at the expense of quality and comfort. As a Staff Model HMO, we employ our own physicians and staff so that Grand Valley Health Plan members are their only concern. We go to great lengths to make your experience at our Health Centers pleasant. Our Health Centers are staffed with warm and caring professionals. You won't have to wait long, at Grand Valley Health Plan, we place a high priority on seeing our patients within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. So, even if you're feeling bad, you know you'll be feeling better soon.