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Medicare Part D

Prescription drug coverage will become available to Medicare eligible individuals beginning January 1, 2006. This drug coverage, through Medicare Part D is intended to provide seniors and Medicare eligible individuals affordable drug coverage and help protect against higher drug costs in the future. Prescription Drug coverage can be purchased by individuals from a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Beginning November 15, 2005, Medicare eligible recipients can begin signing up for a prescription plan of their choice. This enrollment period will last until May 15, 2005. If you have pharmacy coverage through your employer which is considered creditable (coverage that is at least as good as standard Medicare prescription drug coverage), then it is up to you to decide whether or not you will elect an additional pharmacy plan. Your employer will notify you before November 15th and then again annually as to whether or not your coverage through them is considered 'creditable'. If you do not have other pharmacy coverage or you are notified that your current coverage is not 'creditable' and you do not elect a Medicare Part D prescription plan during this open period, you may be subject to a late enrollment penalty once you do sign up for Medicare Part D.

For more information regarding Medicare Part D, whether or not you should sign up for a prescription plan and tools for comparing Medicare Part D prescription plans check out the following resources:


Phone: 1-800 MEDICARE

Local: 866-345-0275

Area Agency on Aging

Phone: 456-5664

Michigan Medicare Assistance Program

Phone: 800-803-7174

To view available plans in Michigan: